Nearly zero-energy buildings


The networking as a main principle of the National Platform POWER HOUSE Bulgaria

NETWORKING in Bulgaria
This article is an excerpt from the National Platform POWER HOUSE Bulgaria Newsletter available both in English and Bulgarian. POWER HOUSE EUROPE - The big green housing exchange ( is an initiative led by CECODHAS...

Housing and Energy in Estonia - Impact of work of Union of Housing Associations

98% of all the apartments in Estonia have been privatised and 65% of the Estonian population live in housing cooperatives. There are currently approximately 9,700 apartment associations and cooperatives. 60% of the housing stock was built between...
One of the key aims of the Estonian Union of Cooperative Housing Associations (EKÜL) is to provide information on opportunities to achieve energy savings in buildings by arranging a variety of information days, training sessions and round...

Update on the SABO Energy Challenge: 102 public housing companies with 376 000 apartments save energy together!

In 2008, SABO, The Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies(, started an initiative called the SABO Energy Challenge (Skåneinitiativet). The initiative can somewhat be compared with the Kyoto protocol, but it´s about saving energy...
The project is also a partner in the European project POWER HOUSE EUROPE - The big green housing exchange ( an initiative led by CECODHAS Housing Europe - The Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing (...

La casa sostenibile che non consuma energia: possibilità e limiti

This slide presentation from the University of Bergamo (Italy) considers the question of zero energy buildings.

Towards a new paradigm: design strategies for architecture, energy and climate change using Danish office buildings as a case study

This paper argues that the understanding of architecture again needs to be widened if the architectural profession is to play an active role in combating climate change. The paper therefore examines past, present and future challenges for building...

Energy Service Contracting and Energy Refurbishment of Housing

Marie Donnelly, who is now in charge of the directorate responsible for - New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Innovation at DG ENER recently outlined a couple of the blocking points when it comes to energy efficiency...

CIBARQ 2010 - IV International Conference on Architecture, Cities and Energy

The City, understood as a support for human activity, may account for up to 60% of greenhouse effect emission gases. Traffic, construction, heating, and the distribution of commodities and food are some of the activities that make our cities huge...

Overview of energy efficiency services: New manual on-line

One of the objectives of POWER HOUSE EUROPE is to help housing organisations access the resources (such as guidebooks, technical reports, tools for training and asset management) which can assist them in their energy efficiency strategies.
The POWER HOUSE team select resources which they have deemed most useful for inclusion in the on-line resource database.  The newly published "BewareE Manual" which focuses on most effective ways of empowering end-users to reduce energy...