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BRITA in PuBs information tool BIT

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The BRITA in PuBs Information Tool - Case studies, retrofit measures and perfromance rating to find the best retrofit concepts for public buildings. The BIT tool is targeted to assist decisions makers and their technical support in public administrations. It will provide information and give inspiration to facilitate the decisions to be taken, namely which buildings to select for retrofitting and what measures to include in the retrofit concept. The tool is structured in the following three main parts: - the case studies with descriptions and reports of more than 40 retrofitted demonstration buildings - the retrofit measures with descriptions and design guidelines for different types of energy saving measures - the performance rating, which offers the possibility to compare the energy consumption of a particular building to those of similar buildings within your country. Additionally the contributors to the tool are specified in the contact list. The case studies and retrofit measures are presented in a clearly arranged matrix that shows which retrofit measures have been applied to which demonstration building. The matrix can be sorted by country and retrofit measure type.

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