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A new loan for energy efficiency improvements in Poland

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SMEs willing to engage in energy efficiciency may have financial difficulty to do so.
To support them, Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. (ARP SA), the industrial developement agency in Poland, has developed a financial instrument: "Energopożyczka". It is currently the most advantageous offer in this segment of loans.

"Energopożyczka" has been developed for local SMEs to finance solutions to optimize their energy consumption. The loans can be used to buy equipment or IT systems for the energy rational management and to improve the thermal insulation of the building. They can also be used to purchase technologies such as electric motors with high performance, lighting and air systems as well as boiler steams.
- The loan can be of maximum 300 000 €.
- This solution is particularly attractive as the interest rate is low and the reimbursement can be done in 72 months. The contribution from the SME has to be of minimum 10%.
- The borrower can also choose to refund anticipatively without additional costs.
- The agency provides consultancy on the documents preparation.

The loan purpose can be to lower energy consumption generally or in the production process, increase the share of renewable energy use, or energy from waste, to introduce energy saving equipment or technologies, to do energy audits...

"Energopożyczka" is recommended by:
• The National Agency for Energy Conservation (Krajową Agencję Poszanowania Energii S.A)
• The National Chamber of Commerce ( Krajową Izbę Gospodarczą);
 • Mitsubishi Electric;
 • Schneider Electric;
 • Kaeser;
 • Innsoft.

Najtańsza na rynku pożyczka na poprawę efektywności energetycznej

Nawet 300 tys. zł na zaledwie 6 proc. w skali roku mogą otrzymać przedsiębiorcy, którzy chcą zainwestować w poprawę efektywności energetycznej swoich firm. Specjalnie dla nich ARP S.A. przygotowała instrument finansowy „Energopożyczka”. Obecnie jest to najkorzystniejsza oferta na rynku w tym segmencie pożyczek.

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