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Zero Carbon Strategies - For tomorrow's new homes (UK)

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The Zero Carbon Hub publishes guidance to support each of the three steps incorporated in the UK Government's policy for zero carbon homes. The guide introduces the 2016 Zero Carbon home, and provides a general Zero Carbon definition. It tries to provide ways to achieve zero carbon homes, presenting technologies, solutions and schemes.

This guide uses newly built housing schemes to illustrate the approaches that a house builder could take to meet the expected 2016 zero carbon requirements. It provides specification details allowing each scheme to be categorised as a Balanced, Extreme Fabric or Extreme Low Carbon Technology approach.

"In developing and refining the standards and frameworks to support the house building industry in delivering these objectives, much can be learned from those who have already strived to align with the emerging zero carbon policy. In this guide we feature four developments whose project teams have risen to the 2016 challenge and shown how the flexibility inherent within current guidance can work to achieve successful, practical outcomes. Importantly we can align these projects to a suite of strategies or approaches that offer broad principles for others to follow, depending on their current direction of innovation."