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BPIE is currently carrying out a short survey to give its Data Hub an even better performance

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In November 2012, BPIE launched a new online data hub ( with the main goal to assist policy makers, technical experts, building professionals, researchers, academics, consultants, NGOs and the broader buildings community in effective and evidence-based decision making to improve the energy performance of building stocks across Europe.
BPIE would like the data hub to be a comprehensive source of information and the first point of contact for anyone interested in the energy performance of European buildings.
To date, BPIE has collated statistical data and policy related information on the building stock for 29 European countries.
Nevertheless, BPIE would like the hub to be further improved and to become enriched with additional features and information that is needed by their target audiences.
With this in mind, BPIE invites you to contribute in improving the knowledge base on Europe’s buildings by sharing your views on the hub and your suggestions on how it might be improved and expanded in terms of content.
BPIE would appreciate your participation in this short (no longer than 10 minutes) survey.