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Shelter Pilot project - Dynacité Pilot site implementation

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Analysis of the experience given by Dynacité for the refurbishment of 14 dwellings in Nurieux, Ain Region, France, using an integrated delivery method based on tendering together design-build-maintenance.


Address:  Nurieux Volognat, France
Year of construction:  1972
Type of building:  Three-storey building
Number of dwellings:  14 dwellings
Tenure:  Social Rental
HVAC system:  Natural ventilation an central collective heating system, used for heating and hot water supply, working with fuel oil

Energy performance before renovation: 
266 kWh/m2 /year

Expected energy performance after renovation: 
89 kWh/m2 /year (theoretical calculation)

Acronym of the case

Dynacité Pilot site implementation

Lessons learnt

The implementation of the pilot project is on-going, so the impact of implementation of alternatives in terms of real energy savings will be difficult to evaluate. We are sure to reduce costs corresponding to energy supply and maintenance because the chosen consortium has engaged on a 42,5% reduction of consumption, compared to the initial situation. Within the implementation of the pilot project, Dynacité has identified some possible solutions to improve the design-construction-maintenance contract. Indeed, because we are involving all stakeholders at the early stage, it is important to know our needs, and clearly define the program of requirements, diagnostics and objectives of the project. This implies more time and resources internally, but this may be reduced in the replication, due to experience.

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