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Shelter pilot project - A.R.T.E Genova pilot site

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Analysis of the renovation in an unoccupied building of 84 dwellings using energy performance award criteria in the tendering procedure.

Building general characteristics:
Building from 1931, composed of six floors and of 84 public housing units

Construction characteristics:
Building made of concrete, external walls composed of double walls (externally solid bricks and internally perforated bricks), with an empty inner space; pitched roof made of slate; central patio.

Energy initial situation:
There was no heating system; people made use of gas or electric stoves. There was no insulation either on the roof, nor in the external walls. The amount of heat loss through the building envelope was 208 KW/m2 per year .
The initial energy level is G, according to the Italian energy performance certificates. (Level G means a consumption over 200KW/h per year, referred to m2).

HVAC system: No heating and ventilation system before works.

Energy performance before renovation:  208 KW/m2 per year is the amount of heat loss through the building “envelope”
Expected performance after renovation: 28,34 KW/m2 per year obtaining - A level Italian Energy performance certificate.

Acronym of the case

A.R.T.E Genova pilot site

Lessons learnt

Impacts of the implementation of the alternative procedures: a) better result in terms of energy and money saving, without more charges to ARTE; this thanks to the bidders’ proposals which should be quantified by an expert consultant ; b) more delay in comparison with the current procedure (6 months) This delay is compensated by a faster construction period, offered by the bidder obtained the tender: in fact this company offered 11,5 months to carry out the works. In this way ARTE could recover the 9 months lost in evaluating bids. c) less heat loss through the external wall ARTE is willing to repeat this experience with tender, improving the way of defining criteria and sub criteria on the basis of the kind of project carried out. However, this tendering procedure is easier to apply in new constructions, rather than in restoration and renewal.

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