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111.000 homes to be refurbished to zero-energy

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Kerkrade, Energiesprong, Frank Hanswijk

Four constructors and six housing corporations signed a deal called “De Stroomversnelling” (or "The Rapids") on the 20th of June 2013. The goal of this collaboration: to refurbish 111.000 homes to zero-energy, starting with 11.000 homes and ten organisations. The deal was signed by housing corporations Portaal, Lefier, Woonwaard, Stadlander, Tiwos, Wonen Limburg  and the contractors VolkerWessels, BAM, Ballast Nedam and Dura Vermeer. Jan Willem van de Groep signed on behalf of Platform31, who initiated the deal. The Dutch Secretary of Housing, Stef Blok, was present at the signing to show his support and committment for the necessary legal changes. 


The innovation of this deal is that all these homes will be refurbished with no negative consequences in the total cost of living (rent and energy bill) for the tenants, while simultaneously leading to a positive business case for the housing corporation and constructors, without external financing. This is possible by the combination of three new ideas:

-Tenants will pay their energy bill directly to the housing corporation;

-The corporation invests this money in refurbishing the homes;

-Constructors will refurbish the homes to a zero-energy level. 


This is made possible by developing smarter refurbishing solutions, using as an example the experience from the automobile industry and other industrial product developers. This will lead to increased quality products with substantially lower costs. Simultaneously, the organisations in De Stroomversnelling are investing in developing industry-wide new standards for zero-energy rental contracts, housing typologies, certification and much more, which will make it easier for other organisations to also start refurbishing homes in a similar fashion.