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BUILD UP Web Seminar video recordings | ICT enabling energy efficiency in buildings - News from two social housing projects

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BUILD UP Web Seminar video recordings | ICT enabling energy efficiency in buildi

E3SoHo and SHOWE-IT have demonstrated the potential of ICT solutions to significantly reduce energy consumption in social housing in different climates across Europe. The European Commission funded both projects under the ICT-Policy Support Programme. This BUILD UP Web Seminar discusses the results of these two projects, as well as the replication potential, including economic feasibility. Other initiatives on ICT applied to energy efficiency in buildings are also presented.


Learn about innovative ICT solutions and their application in social housing and other buildings, addressing reduction of energy consumption and influencing user behaviour among social housing tenants.


This BUILD UP Web Seminar addresses:

  • E3SoHo and SHOWE-IT projects: Concept, ICT solutions deployed, and obtained results;
  • Replication potential; and
  • Current European initiatives in the field of of energy efficiency in buildings.



  • Welcome and Introduction | José Luis Burón, ACCIONA
  • E3SoHo: general view, results and lessons learnt for exploitation | José Luis Burón, ACCIONA
  • E3SoHo ICT solution and future technological trends | Andrea Carreiro, ISA
  • The E3SoHo experience in Warsaw pilot site: conclusions and lessons learnt | Mateusz Zgutka, MOSTOSTAL
  • Questions and Answers #1
  • SHOWE-IT Real-life trial in social housing, of water and energy efficiency ICT services | Luis Juan Muñoz, ACCIONA
  • SHOWE-IT ICT energy management systems and a potential for replication | Piotr Zietara, BAX & WILLEMS
  • EPIC-HUB Energy-Hub approach for Facility & Neighborhood Energy Exploitation | Álvaro García, TEKNIKER
  • Questions and Answers #2



HOW TO VIEW: Each presentation or Q&A session in the agenda is a separate video within an integrated playlist. You may watch the whole webinar from start to end, skip videos by clicking on >|, or click on PLAYLIST and jump straight to the video you want.


The original announcement for this event can be found here


I have wanted to attend to BUILD UP webinar on ICT enabling energy efficiency in building and ask some questions to the panelists about automation. I wondered, in fact, if the automation is a technology solution that helps reduce energy consumption or is it just the opposite?