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BPIE Factsheet on Article 5, Energy Efficiency Directive. Setting the 3% target for public buildings renovation - status of implementation of Art. 5, EED

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BPIE just released a factsheet on article 5, Energy Efficiency Directive.

As of January 2014, Member States have to renovate 3% of the total floor area of heated and/or cooled buildings owned and occupied by its central government each year in order to meet the minimum energy performance requirements.

BPIE’s latest research gathers both the current status of the implementation of Art 5 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED, 2012/27/EU) as well as summary conclusions together in a factsheet.

Six months after the deadline for Member States to submit a formal notification on this article, BPIE analysed the reported approaches. On June 24, the information for 7 countries was still missing on the European Commission’s official website.

This analysis is the first in a series of factsheets that will focus on Europe’s building stock. It supports BPIE’s mission to provide useful and reliable facts and data with the aim to improve the energy performance of buildings in Europe and beyond.