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Healthy Buildings America 2015 Conference

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The Healthy Buildings conference attracts researchers and other professionals from the fields of indoor air quality, built environments, HVAC, health sciences, public health policy, urban planning, mechanical engineering, architecture, building design and management, and more.


Specific areas of interest for this year's conference include: 


Sustainable Buildings: 

  • green building materials and applications in buildings;
  • building technology to improve performance, IEQ;
  • new innovations in design and building systems; 
  • trade-offs and conflicts between IAQ and thermal comfort; 
  • energy implications of achieving good IAQ; 
  • regional issues including impacts of wildfires and drought. 


Healthy Building Issues:

  • moisture control in buildings (design, construction, maintenance); 
  • building code improvement and implementation; 
  • revisiting ideas in ventilation and filtration – natural ventilation, ozone filtration, UV cooling coil technology, etc.; 
  • microbiology of the built environment Indoor chemistry. 


Mission Critical Environments:

  • IAQ in hospitals, data centers, aircraft cabins, schools, facilities for sensitive populations, sheltering in place during larger disasters;
  • emerging topics in disaster recovery and rebuild. 


Indoor Environmental Factors and Human Health: 

  • novel analysis and responses to residential air quality in underserved communities;
  • IAQ in sensitive populations; 
  • climate change and indoor air.


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