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Collaboration for housing nZEB renovation - Innovative business strategies for successful collaborations

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Dena, TU Delft, Segel, VCB, Sintef, BPIE, Vito, PHP and Ogut are proud to present the results of the EU-funded project COHERENO and draw conclusions for policy-makers and constructions stakeholders during this afternoon conference, following the Renovate Europe Day in Brussels.
New collaborative business models for high efficiency refurbishment of single-family owner-occupied houses to nearly zero-energy levels have been developed in the partner countries.
From financing, consulting and planning, right through to implementation – all parties in the construction process were involved. Most notably, quality assurance mechanisms were cost-effectively integrated into the business models, thereby increasing customer confidence.
This conference will give a short retrospective to the different project phases before digging into the results and consequences for the European construction market. The following key points will be presented, with a focus on the 5 target countries (Austria, Germany, Belgium, Norway and The Netherlands):

  • Identifying pioneering (nZEB) refurbishment professionals and successful collaboration models
  • Identifying target customer markets
  • Creating a recognised list of actors and establishing a network of companies which have already been involved in nZEB refurbishments and interested in cooperation
  • Defining quality assurance options and recommended actions, allowing to increase customer confidence
  • Presentation of the per-country cooperation models and structures for successful collaboration

A detailed agenda will be available early September but registration is already open!

This conference will end with a networking cocktail.
Who should attend this conference?
SMEs (contractors), planners (consultants, architects, EPCs advisors and experts), home-owner organizations, material and building products suppliers, real estate agents, etc., building sector organisations, financing and policy actors (energy agencies, banks, ESCOs, etc.) and others will benefit from the project learnings.

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