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SBCS - 8th Brazilian Symposium on Sustainable Construction

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"Rethinking construction in rapidly changing times," is the theme of the 8th Brazilian Symposium on Sustainable Construction - SBCS15, to be held in the auditorium of the István Jancsó Library located in the university city of São Paulo.

The SBCS15 aims to bring together different sectors for the meaning and comprehension of the role of construction in the current context of resource availability and business opportunities. The need to create an environment which integrates sustainability is now fundamental to evolution as it allows for the understanding of individual roles and promotes activities which work together with industry while at the same time, benefit the quality of life of the world population.


Programme summary:

  • developing new energy models in the built environment
  • sustainable cities: indicators for urban spaces
  • financial initiatives of sustainability: environmental quota of Sao Paolo
  • water management in cities: challenges for public and private sector


More information on the programme is available here.

General information is available on the CBCS conference website:

Conselho Brasileiro de Construçao Sustentàvel-CBCS and University (civil engineering) of Sao Paolo
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