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Integration of energy efficiency and renewable energy - multiple benefits!

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Energy efficiency and renewable energies together constitute a major change factor in the transition towards sustainable energy. In the recent International Energy Agency (IEA) scenarios these make up more than two-thirds of the required measures to reach the Paris Climate Agreement goals.


This webinar will discuss the relation of local renewable energy production and energy efficiency measures. First part will discuss the integration of these two in the built and urban context (where most of the energy is used). We’ll show how energy efficiency, in particular demand side management (DSM), together with renewable energy and Power-to-X (X=heat, mobility, gas, etc.) measures could provide mainstream energy solutions in large scale The second part of the talk will discuss the market side of the integration, in particular adoption and market take up of these new alternatives.




Peter Lund (Aalto University)




23 March, 2017




15:00 - 16:00 (CET)




Participation to the webinar is free but requires registration. 


For more information visit the event's website at the link provided below.

DSM University in collaboration with Leonardo Energy
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