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​Located in the neighbourhood of ‘Ravine Blanche’, in Saint-Pierre, Martinique, the Niama building is a social housing operation that includes 19 units. The building forms part of an urban renewal program that aims at restructuring the neighborhood and connecting it to the city center. Ravine Blanche is the only neighborhood that has been awarded the french 'EcoQuartier' certification in the tropics among 32 other projects in 2013. The ‘Niama’ building was completed at the end of the year 2014. Niama is compliant with the Thermal, Acoustic and Ventilation French Regulation for the overseas territories (in French: Réglementation Thermique, Acoustique et Aération or RTAA DOM). RTAADOM is applied to the design of new residential buildings only and requires mandatory rules concerning thermal, acoustic and ventilation performances. The objectives of the project were to house people at low-level income inside comfortable apartments. As a result, Niama uses many passive design strategies in order to reduce its energy consumption while maintaining satisfactory thermal comfort conditions inside the building. The building was also designed so as to be integrated within its environment (...)

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