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7th  Webinar - Smart Communities organised by UoA and CyI


The main objective of the Smart Communities Webinar, presented by the UoA, was to underline the development of Smart and NZEB for Europe, analysing the major problems and setting a roadmap with involving future quantitative and qualitative targets. The methodology applied in this webinar is summarized in the steps described below:


- Presentation of The Development of Smart and NZEB protocols for Europe

- Objectives

- Analysis and identification of 3 major problems of the built environment

- Energy consumption

- Energy poverty

- Local climatic change          

- Set of a roadmap involving future quantitative and qualitative targets, investigating the major technological, economic and social forces and policies

- What are the links, synergies, impacts and the interrelated nature and characteristics of the 3 sectors?

- Benefits for the society, including the impact on the economy, employment, the environment and health

- Conclusions