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Energie Label Atlas

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The Energy Labels Atlas (Energie Label Atlas) puts all buildings in The Netherlands and their respective energy labels on an online interactive map. Developed by Waag Society and Touch Software Applications, for the foundation “Meer Met Minder”, the atlas gives home owners the possibility to use their knowledge of their homes to improve the quality of the energy.


The map viewer can find energy labels in a municipality or for specific buildings and one can search for place names and postal codes with street numbers. The map handles a lot of data and there is a continuous flow of new label information; the map is constantly being updated.


The atlas uses three types of labels-which differ in completeness of the housing data- expressed in a three star system:


  • 1 star: energy label based on standard building types from public sources, like year of construction, floor area, number of floors, etc.
  • 2 stars: energy label adjusted using the website button 'Check my label'.
  • 3 stars: energy label supplied by a certified consultant.​

Further information (in Dutch) can be found at the link provided below.