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CHESS SETUP project: working to reduce buildings' energy consumption

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system configuration_CHESS SETUP

CHESS SETUP is a project designing a solution to provide energy from renewable sources to buildings.

The project´s first divulgation article aiming to explain and popularize CHESS SETUP's working principle and main objectives is available here.



The building sector is one of the most resource consuming sectors as it accounts for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. The European Union has set ambitious targets in order to reduce the GHG emissions and the building sector has to do its part, with new buildings required to be “nearly zero-energy buildings” (NZEB) by 2020. By using energy more efficiently, a reduction on energy bills and reliance on external energy suppliers can be achieved while helping protect the environment.



To address this challenge, CHESS SETUP, a ten-member consortium, designed a solution relying on:

  • Hybrid solar panels generating heat to be stored and used for domestic hot water and/or heating in addition to electricity that can be used by the building’s systems and appliances.
  • A hot water tank to store the thermal energy produced by the hybrid solar panels, especially in summer.
  • A heat pump, to provide domestic hot water and/or heating from the hot water tank to the building at high efficiencies.


The system will therefore work on a seasonal mode: the heat produced by the solar hybrid panels (mostly in the summer) will be stored to heat the building needs when required.



The team is working to install the system in three different sites in the United Kingdom and in Spain, sizing the elements according to the buildings’ characteristics such as the solar irradiation, energy demands, and available surface for the installation of solar panels installation and the thermal storage tank.



The installation will be monitored and controlled to manage the system efficiently based on key data, such as available heat energy, weather forecast and electricity prices to optimize the energy flows within the system.



CHESS SETUP can allow significant energy savings for the buildings: the energy produced on-site will be consumed on site or reverted to the power grid if necessary. CHESS SETUP could bring key solutions for our future: a self-consumption system that could drive us towards NZEB, energy independence, a higher productivity of the grids and a low-carbon society.



Please see the relevant BUILD UP link.