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PLGBC Green Building Symposium

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PLGBC Green Building Symposium

PLGBC Green Building Symposium

The Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) Green Building Symposium is known for green progress in Polish property industry, and an energetic platform for ideas, collaboration, partnership and learning. It is where the principles and passions of the green building community are galvanised and grow.


During the plenary and parallel sessions of this year´s PLGBC Green Building Symposium edition (5th October 2017, Reduta Banku Polskiego, Warsaw, Poland) discovering new green building trends, debunking myths regarding green building, and discussing various approaches to the sustainable design and green building financing will all be topics.


Plenary session

In today’s dynamic world should we follow global megatrends and recommendations of breakthrough research or rather constantly refer to well-established schemes? Maybe the two approaches should be combined? Can we find alternative ways of thinking which perhaps will help us to avoid making the same mistakes over again.

Prof. Charles Kibert, Ph.D. Marcin Popkiewicz, Ross Shuster and Foster+Partners’ representative will try to find answers to the above questions.


Green Bulding Financing Session

Green buildings have a substantial and cost-effective potential to deliver net cost savings, important social and economic gains and mitigate GHG emissions. These benefits can be delivered by developing markets, sustained with mature and effective financing channels and supportive government policies.

EBRD is addressing these challenges and opportunities through its Green Economy Transition (GET) approach for “Green Buildings” investments, which is summarized in a series of reports published alongside the symposium for audience members interested in working with EBRD.

Experts in the field of green building and green building investment will explore the latest developments in green building finance in the Europe and CEE region, and share key insights that project developers and investors in Poland and the CEE region need to know, such as:

What makes Poland and the CEE region attractive to green building investors right now?
Where are some of the big opportunities to scale-up investment in Poland and the CEE region?
What are some of the key challenges for scaling-up green building investment in Poland and the CEE region? (financial institution, corporate, state perspectives)
Looking to the future, what would be some key advice for those looking to invest in green building in the region?


Green Building Design & Trends Session

Building an office of the future in which employees will not want to leave to go home: with the highest rate of IEQ, many green solutions and at the same time, just friendly – visually and functionally is possible today, but will it really be sustainable only when its users engage in the continuous process of making it so.

In this session, the myths regarding green building will be discussed as well as various approaches to sustainable design.


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