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TOTEM Tool to Optimise the Total Environmental impact of Materials

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In order to help the Belgian construction sector to objectify and reduce the environmental impacts of buildings, the three Regions of the Country have developed the tool /on-line free plarform TOTEM [Tool to Optimize the Total Environmental Impact of Materials]. The project partners are OVAM, Brussels Environment and the Public Service of Wallonia.

CREATE: Totem stimulates the creativity of designers/specifiers to realize projects that combine all the requirements related to the environmental challenges of tomorrow.


EVALUATE: Totem allows the evaluation of the environmental impacts of building elements or buildings according to a scientific method adapted to the particularities of the Belgian construction market.


INNOVATE: Totem aims to encourage innovation and eco-design in building systems.


Five years of research and development, in collaboration with universities and design offices, were necessary to come up to this scientific methodology, adapted to the specificities of the Belgian construction sector.


The main values ​​of TOTEM are the objectivity and the transparency, to allow the actors of the Belgian sector of the construction (architects, technical consultancies, entrepreneurs, owners, promoters, public authorities, ...) to identify and limit the impacts potential environmental impacts of buildings from the earliest stages of their design.

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