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Building value: a pathway to circular construction finance

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The transition to a Circular Economy requires innovative business models that stimulate optimised use of repairable products, reusable components and recycling of materials. A Community of Practice was established in which experts from different fields collaborated to improve the financeability of circular construction. Members engaged in a case of social housing corporation Eigen Haard. This report retraces the 'learning-by-doing' trajectory of this Community of Practice. It provides tools to unlock the potential of circular construction business models.

This report collects findings and outcomes from an open learning environment which involved several workshops and thematic deep dives. As an in-depth study, the report provides a reference for building commissioners and real estate developers to pioneer circular construction. Specifically, this report covers the following themes:


-circular construction, building layers and the hierarchy of Elements, Products and Materials (EPMs) (Chapter 2);

-the role of gathering, storing and exchanging data for a technology driven change towards a circular construction sector (Chapter 3);

-the need for adjusting valuing methods to reflect circularity (Chapter 4);

-financing structures that can be used to address risks and future potential of circular investment decisions (Chapter 5); and

-key learnings for accelerating the circular construction sector (Chapter 6).