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The Albero: Construction 21 Case Study

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Project type : Renovation Building

Type : High office tower > 28m

Construction Year : 1979 Climate zone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.

Net Floor Area : 10 500 m 2

Construction/refurbishment cost : 12 600 000 €

Number of Work station : 900 Work station

Cost/m2 : 1 200 €/m 2

Cost/Work station : 14 000 €/Work station

3 rue du centre , 78280 Guyancourt , France

Albero project of rehabilitation, modernization and requalification of the architectural envelope is part of this urban dynamic as much by its singular aestheticism as by the proposed living environment wanted healthy and pleasant to live for future users. Sequences of access are revisited from the outside to work stations and places of relaxation by revealing and optimizing the potential of this obsolete office building. With these ambitious stakes, our response is also accompanied by a remarkable attitude. for its environmental commitments with regard to the procedure for repairing the facades.


The use of materials with low CO2 emissions and an implementation limiting the impact of various nuisances on-site, will manage a very efficient result to limit energy consumption. It is with these challenges of requalification urban, modernization of living spaces and efficient technical solutions but also economic that our project stands out to become a new urban unifying piece in this neighborhood in the making


Architectural description :


This office complex develops 8195 m² of floor space. A current office tray represents 929 m² including sanitary areas. The building can benefit from an accessible terrace with wooden decking and partially vegetated on the 7th floor of the building B (with a southern exposure which is protected from the prevailing winds coming from the West) These 3 building bodies have surfaces managed in condominium:

  • 209 parking spaces in the basement on 3 levels
  • green spaces in southern and northern part.
  • an inter-company restaurant on the ground floor of building C1

The alternation of glazed strips and solid bands with variable geometry breaks with the traditional image of the conventional office building and gives a graphic and dynamic appearance to the facades. A unique response in the district.This architectural composition of the treatment of lighters gives a vibration to the facade by creating games of shadows and lights throughout the day and seasons.The facade cladding of 3 bodies of buildings oriented differently compared to the cardinal points gives to see a dynamic and subtle veture which makes the specificity of these offices. This abstract composition is perceptile from the outside and the inside and from all angles of view.


The constructive principle of the new facades is to implement, on the supporting structure of the buildings, wood clad walls which embark the glazed frames and the cladding of the opaque parts. This technical approach of the procedure of the assembly of the facades makes it possible to answer the flexibility of future development of the offices with a frame "on board of the outside joineries of 1.35 m". This choice also emphasizes a strong environmental approach to optimize user comfort over time.


Exterior insulation according to a wood frame wall principle incorporating all facade devices (aluminum exterior carpentry, fiberglass-fiber insulation and wood-based composite finish siding) in order to ensure a perfect fit. water and air tightness, ultimately guaranteeing low energy consumption

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