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Helping families to invest in green homes

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In this short interview, Steven Borncamp, Project Director of SMARTER Finance for Families, explains the success of the project and emphasises the role of H2020 financial support necessary to replicate its achievements to 11 new countries. 

Steven Borncamp (talking about the project) says: "We are trying to shift buyers’ mind-set from just looking at the home’s sales price to think about the total cost of ownership, including energy, health costs and also repair costs.


If buyers think in these terms, they can pay less on a monthly basis and get a better, greener home with a smaller energy bill that is more comfortable and healthier. In this way, they use finance to bring resources into their project at the critical early stage in order to build correctly and they get the benefit for many years. 


He adds: "We have identified certain builders that created fantastic homes that met or exceeded Europe Net-Zero energy standards, and the construction waste directive ahead of schedule.


We encouraged other builders to aim higher and to achieve those standards too. We have about 25 projects, which represent around 6500 housing units and about 10% of market share of new homes delivered in Romania.


An even bigger achievement is that we have received H2020 funding to replicate this to 11 new countries – reaching 306 mln citizens. We have a real chance to have positive impacts in all those new countries".


To read the full interview, click on the link below!