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SB4DC Smart Buildings for Smart Cities Summer Universities 2019

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THE must-attend event of the smart building in the sustainable city 

In 2018, the Smart Buildings for Smart Cities Summer Universities reached a new milestone.

In 2019, the expansion continues!


Thanks to the arrival of a new pillar, the Confederation Construction, and a new venue, the Square, located in the heart of Europe, this new edition will definitely be under the sign of internationalisation.


Another major new feature: a new format for more participants!


There are now 2 ways to attend the Summer Universities: as a congressist with access to the entire event including plenary conferences (with an English translation available) or as a visitor with access to the Expo and thematic workshops only.



In the 2019 Programme you’ll find e.g.


Tuesday, September 3rd

SITE VISIT : Tivoli GreenCity, the most sustainable neigbourhood in Brussels​


Wednesday, September 4th


​Urban Remix: the Vision

What are the driving trends in the urban transformation process and what can be expected for buildings and cities of tomorrow?



KEYNOTE: Marc Daumas - Smart City Vice-President, SBA

KEYNOTE: Serge Le Men - Smart Building Vice-President, SBA

KEYNOTE: François-Xavier Jeuland - President, Fédération Française de Domotique


Urban Remix: Disruptions & Opportunities

What are the major disruptions & opportunities facing urban developers, industry players, service providers, citizens to adapt to the societal & environmental (r)evolutions at stake, and who will be the front runners?



Thursday, September 5th

KEYNOTE: Jean-Louis Etienne - Explorer, Oceanpolaire - Polar Pod expedition

KEYNOTE: Jan Komarek - Programme Officer Internet of things, European Commission

It is time for action!

Presentation of European developments and projects which best showcase these transitions, feedback and sharing of best practices and exemplary projects.

Smart Building

ColivMe - Example of multi-purpose plural building: coworking, coliving and shared spaces.
COVIVIO Toulouse - Ready2Services: feedback on the first building labeled R2S by Certivéa.
EM Lyon - Campus of 30.000 m2 open on the city, adapted to the needs of the learners and connected to the whole world.



Microsoft HQ Amsterdam - One of the buildings recognized as being among the Smartest in Europe.

Wizom - The first global digital offer on the residential market and is based on the latest technologies in IoT (connected objects) and predictive device management

Smart City

Sharjah EAU - The city of the future is today: intelligent management of the energy network, renewable energies, autonomous mobility, drone deliveries...

Euréka Lyon Confluence - First Smart neighborhood in Europe operated by a single service operator.

Euréka et Cambacérès Montpellier - From the building to the city, including the connected district, the "smart" at the heart of the urban development strategy of the Société d'Equipement de la Région de Montpellier.




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