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Restoring a Latvian treasure: the New Castle of Sigulda

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An ERDF-funded project is reconstructing the New Sigulda Castle Complex in Latvia to restore its beauty while simultaneously saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The project is restoring what was once known as one of the most magnificent Writer’s Palaces in Europe, a unique example of national romanticism in Latvia. A total budget of over EUR 5 million has been made available for the work, of which the ERDF is contributing more than EUR 1.3 million.


The financing will be used to repair damaged wooden floor supports, replace wooden roof structures and restore the castle windows and brick façade. The walls will be cleaned to remove damaged paint and plaster then renovated and chandeliers, paintings, wall panels, doors and other period items will be restored.


Not only is the project likely to boost the number of visits to the area and promote cultural heritage in Latvia and further afield, but it also aims to save 173 840 kWh of energy per year and reduce carbon emissions by 32 470.86 kg CO2/year.