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The use of EN EPB standards in Switzerland

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As a non-EU country, Switzerland is not obliged to implement the EPBD, not even in the frame of the bilateral contracts. However, as a full member of CEN, the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) has – as all other CEN members – agreed to adopt all European standards and publish them as national standards. For the building area, this has been delegated to the Swiss Association of Architects and Engineers (SIA).


On the regulation side, the competence to set the energy requirements for buildings is on the level of the cantons, which means that in principle there are 26 energy regulations countrywide. In order to coordinate their procedures, the cantons have (as in several other political areas which are in the competence of the cantons) implemented a “conference of the cantonal energy directors” and on the level of the administrative officers the “conference of the cantonal energy specialist departments”. The latter has developed and revised in several rounds the “sample cantonal energy regulations”, a voluntary set of 11 modules with technical regulations, which can be used by the cantons to base their regulations on. One of the modules, the “base module”, is recommended to be made mandatory, the final decision, however, can only be made on the cantonal level.