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BEMServer platform

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With the increasing amount of data to monitor buildings, it becomes crucial to offer tools that help managers in taking the best decisions to better control the energy of their buildings, and to involve all actors in reducing their environmental impact.


The BEMServer is a platform dedicated to energy performance: it consists in an open source solution to deploy a modular, scalable and secure Building Energy Management System. BEMServer was created to ease the deployment of these services, and to allow building managers to install applications that answer to their specific needs, instead of being confined to a monolithic, rigid solution.


BEMServer is targeting 3 types of actors:


  1. End users: facility managers, building owners, energy managers, Energy efficiency consultants.
  2. Module developers: services developers for building energy management: become contributors to the modules store. BEMServer enables you to save time, focus on your modules development and access building data in a more easily way without dealing with data collection, data identification and data pre-processing.
  3. Contributors: to test our solution, be part of a community, get answers to your questions and develop core functionalities that answer your own needs: join the community of developers and impulse Open source towards the building community.

The emergence of the smart building concept transforms the needs expressed by building owners, managers and occupants. BEMServer is a solution to transform your monitored building into a platform of services. In the essence, BEMServer is a building data aggregator and acts as a gateway between the hardware level of a building (like sensors) and the data-oriented services.


BEMServer is modular and interoperable and includes (a) a connectivity module allowing agile data collection from the field level of a building (sensors infrastructure, Building Management System), and (b) a management middleware ensuring a coherent information platform by providing a semantic interoperability to unify and normalise the data between all the components of the platform; and (c) several advanced data processing modules based on data mining techniques and energy management approach to interpret data and identify issues and to deliver recommendations and decision support tailored for these various audiences.