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Energy Efficiency Quick Estimator

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Do you want to learn about the energy, cost, and CO2 savings potential of typical energy efficiency measures? EEQuest - the Energy Efficiency Quick Estimator tool can be used for it.


With this online tool, you can quickly and easily get an idea of the savings potential of your energy efficiency project. Based on just a few user inputs, EEQuest provides estimates of energy, cost and CO2 savings for typical measures.


EEQuest can be used to evaluate projects in the 28 countries of the European Union and covers about 20 energy efficiency measures in buildings and industry. Users such as companies, individuals and banks can access the tool free of charge and without registration. To document the estimated energy efficiency potential of a project, a pdf summary can be downloaded as the last of four simple steps.


EEQuest is developed as part of the PF4EE Pilot, with support from the European Commission. The tool aims to support financial intermediaries in marketing dedicated energy efficiency finance, raise awareness and facilitate on-lending for energy efficiency. It allows to estimate a preliminary value of potential energy savings. The tool is not intended – nor should it be used or construed as – offering accurate energy savings estimates, as would be provided by professional energy auditors or through advanced engineering software.