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#27 [Video - 3 questions to] What is the RTAA DOM?

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Know the basics about the RTAA DOM in three questions and less than 4 minutes! (Video in French)


During the Cities To Be congress, organized by HQE and Novabuild, Mohamed Abdesselam de Solener came back to the Thermal Acoustic and Aeration Thermal Regulations (RTAA) DOM and its extensions.Created in 2016 in addition to the thermal, acoustic and ventilation decrees of 2009 for the application of articles R162-1 to R162-4 of the building and housing code, the RTAA DOM is the reference text in all overseas departments.The main principles of this regulation, which applies exclusively to the residential sector, are as follows: domestic hot water is compulsory for new homes, except in Mayotte and some communes in French Guyana. at least 50 % of the DHW must be produced using solar energy take into (...)


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