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Estonia has the most energy efficient new nearly zero energy buildings

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A recent study carried out by an international group of building scientists showed that Estonia is among the countries with the most energy efficient buildings in Europe.


Among the analysis of NZEB energy performance of buildings in four countries (Estonia, Norway, Finland and Sweden), Estonia has shown to have the most energy efficient nearly zero energy buildings.


In Europe, climate zones are divided into four. Estonia, together with the other Nordic countries, is located in the fourth, i.e. the coldest zone. When benchmarking NZEB requirements against European Commission's NZEB recommendations, the differences in national methodologies that affect the results of the calculations must be taken into account. For example, Finland consumes nearly twice as much domestic hot water per person as Central Europe.


The international research group draw its conclusions by taking into account the NZEB requirements in force in the European Union, which are expressed as national energy performance indicators.


In Estonia, the first energy efficiency requirements based on primary energy use were established in 2008. In 2013, the requirements became stricter and from 2019-2020 NZEB requirements were established (from 2019 valid for public buildings and from 2020 for residential buildings).


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