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The Green Deal, a big deal at the European Energy Efficiency Conference

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The Green Deal was a big deal at the European Energy Efficiency Conference in Wels/Austria from 4 - 6 March 2020. The event was a great success with 400 experts from 50 countries taking part. The conference focused on and how to make the energy transition happen and achieve climate neutrality in Europe and globally. 


The European Union has declared it will be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This ambitious goal requires ambitious measures. Energy efficiency as the "first fuel" of the energy transition is at the centre of the roadmap for making the EU’s economy sustainable.


The European Energy Efficiency Conference addressed how the energy transition is progressing throughout Europe and worldwide in regards to policies, markets, financing, e-mobility, energy efficiency, industrial decarbonisation and more. 


Over the course of the 3 conference days, first measures of the Green Deal were revealed and examples of how a better society is already being created through the energy transition were presented. Industrial energy efficiency was also a main topic - independence from fossil energy is becoming a key factor for industrial competitiveness and will characterise the next big step in the industrial transformation. Dedicated sessions presented how this can be achieved. The conference also offered an update on how the energy transition in the mobility sector is progressing. Markets, battery innovations, best practice examples and more were addressed. In addition, since the energy transition requires investments, an array of smart financing instruments and programmes that unlock possibilities was showcased.


The European Energy Efficiency Conference is an integrated part of the World Sustainable Energy Days – one of the world’s leading conference on achieving climate neutrality. Pictures and a review of the events can be found on the conference website


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