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Ciciban Kindergarten – Croatia

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Photo credit: City of Velika Gorica

An important public building in the most populated city of Zagreb county, Velika Gorica, this kindergarten was in need of energy renovation as it was expensive to run and uncomfortable for its occupants.  Having become an eco-school, the management realised that energy renovation was essential to underpin the new ethos of the school.


Although not very old, this kindergarten was built with little regard for energy performance standards and over the years its performance became less and less satisfactory.  Concerned for the future generations occupying the building and wishing to become an exemplary project with high levels of comfort and well-being, the extensive energy renovation works were planned by the City of Velika Gorica and carried out.  The results have exceeded the expectations of the staff.


Speaking after the completion of the energy renovation works, the Principal, Tatjana Karlovic Oslakovic said “… we have proudly held the status of an eco-school, and last year (2018) the City rejoiced us with an energy renovation that provided us and our children with a healthier and safer environment and improved our standard.  Our mission will continue to be to provide an environment where the child will feel happy, safe and protected.”


Principal Characteristics of the Renovation Works:


  • Ownership type: Public
  • Year of construction: 1979
  • Renovation completed: 2019
  • Floor area after works: The net floor area (usable floor area) = 1,711 m²
  • Structure: Load bearing masonry building that was over an insulating clad system, combined with roof replacement and airtightness detailing.  All external windows and doors were replaced
  • Heating and energy: The existing heating system was replaced with a new thermal heating station, radiators and piping. All lighting was also replaced with highly efficient units
  • Energy performance: Energy savings after works reached 76%

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