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51st International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition

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KGH goes online!


The Organizing Committee decided that the 51st International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition is to be held online, on December 2–4, 2020.


Information for authors


The whole Congress program will be virtual with sessions organized as follows:

  • session with recorded PP (Power Point) presentations (or presentations recorded in studio),
  • webinar type sessions in real time (only presenters have video and sound),
  • panel type sessions (all participants have video and sound, with moderation).
  • Session with pre-recorded PP presentations

One auditorium is reserved for pre-recorded PP presentations. Instructions for voice-over presentation recording are here. Participants may view presentations from current and previous days.



One auditorium is reserved for webinars. Presenters will have video and sound, and participants may use text-chat. Webinar recordings will be published shortly upon completion.



One auditorium is reserved for panels, also. All participants will have video and sound, and moderator will give floor to panelists and participants. Panel recordings will be published shortly upon completion.



The aim of the exhibition is to inform and  present to the professional community new HVAC&R products used in buildings and used for energy supply of buildings.


This time it will be focused on new products with the application of new high energy efficient technologies in the field of HVAC&R systems and plants as an  inseparable exhibition part of all thematic fields of the congress.


The exhibition is an opportunity for designers, constructors, manufacturers, scientists and company representatives, all those dedicated to the same task – provision of healthy living and working environment  in buildings, sustainable buildings, resilient cities and stopping the climate change by reducing CO2 emission  to meet one another at the same time and at the same place.


Green Exhibition


One special segment of the exhibition is dedicated to software, information technologies as well as green programmes and networks, which arouse  great interest of visitors due to the  irreplaceable role that  software and information technologies play today in all  the domains of HVAC&R components and systems, research and development of smart buildings, settlements and cities.


As in previous years, the exhibition stands will be installed on the ground floor, next to the congress hall, and on the gallery above the hall in the Sava Centre. 


For more information regarding the  participation in the exhibition, please contact the Organizer’s office. 


Congress languages


Official languages are Serbian and English. 

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