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StepUP project - Making decarbonisation of existing buildings a reliable and attractive investment

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Deep renovation is a key action to drastically reduce energy demand and achieve the EU vision of a decarbonised building stock by 2050. However, only 1% of European buildings are being renovated yearly and shallow retrofits persist with low impact on energy consumption.


The StepUP project is developing new technologies and solutions to make building renovation more attractive and affordable.


To achieve this, StepUP uses continuous feedback loops and promotes an iterative deep energy renovation approach, based on data insights, which minimises performance gaps, reduces investment risks, minimises disruption and positively impacts on energy costs, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and comfort.


StepUP will offer a real opportunity to reach NZEBs, by developing a non-intrusive, quick and reliable deep renovation intervention solution that will minimise the duration of onsite works and the risk of installation errors.


Read more about the project´s objectives, retrofitting solutions and pilots in the brochure attached!

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