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Energy efficiency trends in buildings (Odyssee-Mure on Energy Efficiency)

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What has been the overall trend in final energy consumption of buildings in the EU since 2010?


What are the main drivers of the energy consumption variation, and in particular energy savings, for residential and service buildings?


These are the key questions answered during this (11th) webinar in the Odyssee-Mure on Energy Efficiency Academy.


Join the speakers and learn about the outcomes of their research:

  • The energy consumption of buildings has steadily decreased since 2010 despite GDP growth.
  • There are large disparities in building performances across countries.
  • Since 2015, the rate of household energy efficiency improvements has dropped by 50% (compared to 2000-2014).
  • Energy efficiency of large electrical appliances, which has largely improved in the past, does not counterbalance anymore the rapid growth of the consumption of small appliances.
European Copper Institute & Odyssee-Mure
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