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Position About importance of integration of two state initiatives: “Affordable Mortgage” and “Green Deal”

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On January 27th , the Government of Ukraine approved a resolution on "Affordable Mortgages": the interest rate on loans was set at 7% per annum, which will operate under the program "Affordable Loans 5-7-9%".


The mechanism provides that the Business Development Fund will compensate the interest rate to 7% per annum on mortgage loans provided to borrowers to purchase housing, in order to reduce its value.


The Fund will provide compensation to borrowers who have received a mortgage in the national currency at an authorized bank. Only housing built after 2015 can participate at this program, the maximum mortgage term is 20 years, and the minimum down payment is set at 15% of the cost of housing.


At the same time, the Government of Ukraine has repeatedly stressed that the European Green Deal is important for Ukraine, which provides for large-scale decarbonization of all economic sectors, and includes the energy sector, as well as, in particular, energy efficiency in buildings. In particular, on March 3, 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the National Economic Strategy until 2030.


The strategy defines the main steps for the development of various sectors of the country, where the key principles include decarbonization of the economy (energy efficiency, development of renewable energy sources, development of a circular economy and synchronization with the European Green Deal initiative).


The state program "Affordable Mortgage" is a priority for Ukraine, but it does not require criteria for the sustainability of buildings and the level of energy efficiency (...)


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