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Very positive results for the French Low Energy Buildings Plan

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The French plan “Bâtiment Grenelle” aims at reducing buildings energy consumption and greenhouse gases emissions. This plan results from the "Grenelle Environment Forum” which elaborated in 2007 a roadmap for France regarding ecology, sustainable development and sustainable land settlement. This plan for low energy/low CO2 buildings was launched in January 2009. First results have been presented to the press by French Government on 28 October 2009. They show that the demand for low energy buildings labelling is 10 times higher than foreseen (20 000 dwellings in 2009), that 50 000 zero interest loans for energy renovation have been proposed to citizens and that 1,7 billion € will be dedicated in the next months to energy efficient building renovation, corresponding to 45 000 jobs mobilised.

The objectives of the plan “Bâtiment Grenelle” are:

  • all new buildings are low consumption in 2012;
  • all new buildings produce more energy than they consume in 2020;
  • 400 000 dwellings are renovated each year from 2013;
  • 800 000 social housing are renovated by 2020 and
  • energy renovation of all public buildings is initiated before the end of 2012.