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TRANSOL is a new tool for predicting the thermal performance of both individual and collective solar hot water production facilities. It is the fruit of the collaboration between CSTB and AIGUASOL and combines the power and simplicity of its predecessors, TRANSOL 1 and SimSol 2.TRANSOL 3 contains the power of TRNSYS 16 for the dimensioning of thermal solar systems, without the complexity of the complete simulation environment: it is easy to understand and use. The software has been conceived for installers, planners and consultants working on energy concepts. A dedicated version for educational use is also available. This version is widely used by universities and training centres.
TRANSOL 3 proposes installation schemes which the user selects as a function of the type of installation (solar hot water, space heating, swimming pools, industrial process, solar cooling) and the type of use (individual, collective, multi-dwelling). A step-by-step assistant helps the user to choose the most appropriate scheme and to input the main parameters. A correlation-based pre dimensioning system (collector surface, tank volumes, pomp flow rates, hydraulic dimensioning, etc.) is targeted at optimizing the system at its very creation. The user can thus create a coherent system from a handful of parameters and adapt it to his needs later.

35 schemes, allowing more than 160 types of configurations, are available.

New features:
- Solar cooling
- Covered pool
- Industrial process
- New control stategy
- Parametric runs
- Worldwide weather data
- Optimized calculation speed
- Detailed Excel report

Education version restrictions:

- Yearly renewable licence
- No parametric runs
- 1 PRO version for free

Data bases:
- About 10 weather files and no possibility to add user-defined locations
- No material databases

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