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UK: A consultation to make better use of energy performance certificates and data in England and Wales

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The UK Department for Communities and Local Government published on 2 March 2010 a consultation document "Making better use of energy performance certificates and data". Energy performance certificates (EPC) and display energy certificates (DEC) are presented as having an important role to play in supporting carbon reduction aims by providing information about the energy efficiency of buildings in England and Wales and advice about measures to improve their energy performance. To enhance their contribution, this consultation, that will close on 25 May 2010, is concerning a number of measures to help improve the effectiveness of EPCs and to make better use of energy performance data.

In particular, this consultation seeks views on proposals for:

  • making better use of the energy performance data by extending and managing access to registers;
  • enabling local authorities to use EPC data to support development of wider purposes;
  • EPCs for houses in multiple occupation when rooms in such buildings are rented out;
  • EPCs for short-term holiday lets;
  • property adverts to show the EPC rating;
  • extending the use of DECs to commercial buildings;
  • making lodgement of air conditioning systems on the England and Wales non-domestic EPC register mandatory;
  • clarifying when EPCs are required for sale or renting out of domestic and non-domestic properties.