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Scotland: Environmentally friendly family wins award

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A West Lothian family have won a £10,000 prize – thanks to their environmentally friendly endeavours. The McDermids from West Calder have won the National Sustainability Award and bursary that comes with it. They triumphed over tough competition to win the public vote in the prestigious Future Friendly Awards, receiving the prize of a home and eco makeover worth £10,000.
The Future Friendly Awards is a nationwide search for communities and families who are making a real difference by championing sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.
Judith McDermid, along with husband George and children Beth and Rory, have been taking small steps to lighten their impact on the environment since they moved into their home 14 years ago. Just one of the family’s many steps included fully double glazing their home and adding a heat recovery ventilation system that takes heat from a south facing conservatory into the house. The family only use energy efficient lightbulbs and have a wood burning stove to keep their gas consumption down. In autumn last year they were able to live off their own land for two months, growing vegetables and eating eggs from the chickens that roam freely in their garden, along with collecting rainwater, recycling using compost and a wormery, only holidaying in the UK and doing all short journeys on foot or by bike. Every year they have a waste audit to see where they can cut down on waste and they monitor their fuel use on a weekly basis. The family have also started working with a local children’s nursery to spread the message, inspiring generations to come. The family won the award thanks to votes from the public.
Judith said: “We’re absolutely delighted, we weren’t expecting to be chosen as the Family Award winner as all of the projects were so inspiring, but we’re happy the voters chose to support our project as it’s a tribute to our hard work and commitment. “Sustainability has been a part a part of our daily lives for many years but we hope that what we’re doing can inspire others to make their own improvements around the home.”
Future Friendly is a partnership between leading P&G brands (including Ariel and Duracell) and environmental experts including the Energy Saving Trust, Waste Watch and Waterwise.
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