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Expo leading the way to a greener, cleaner future

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The World Expo will boost the concept of ecology and environmental protection and stimulate scientific research and technology development, officials from Shanghai Science and Technology Commission said yesterday. And they said the green and cutting-edge technologies used or showcased at the Expo would be widely introduced into real life. New technologies such as a TD-LTE (time division-long term evolution), which is 40 times faster than any existing 3G network, the use of new energy vehicles and LED (light emitting diode) technology are expected to be widely adopted after their successful use at the Expo.
"Green, low-carbon and environmental protection are the themes of the World Expo," said Shou Ziqi, director of the commission. "The whole process of Expo designing, construction, operation and after-Expo use are all in line with the concept." Since most Expo pavilions are temporary constructions, many of them have been built using environmental friendly materials that can be recycled after they are dismantled. The 1,017 new energy vehicles operating at the Expo site will result in a reduction of 10,000 tons of petrol over traditional vehicles during the 6-month event, cutting 28,400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and saving 118 tons of other harmful chemicals. "Vehicle exhausts are the major air pollutant in downtown areas and the new energy vehicles are effective solutions to the pollution," Shou said.
Some 200,000 lights - 80 percent of night lighting inside the Expo site - use LED technology and the adoption of solar energy, energy-saving technology and river water cooling systems results in zero vehicle exhaust emissions and a 30-percent cut in carbon dioxide emissions inside the Expo zone, officials said. "Adoption and demonstration of new technology and environmental friendly technology at the Expo will accelerate their practical use and create a more convenient, comfortable and cleaner life for the local people," Shou said. "For instance, the Expo offers a stage to display TD-LTE, the world's first such demo network. Applications of the technology will be offered to people to create a real IT highway, much faster than the current 3G."