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CO2-online heating atlas

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The heating atlas is a graphical presentation of the German energy consumption based on 10 % of the heated building floor area in relation to all German buildings. Here you find energy consumption data of 50,000 buildings throughout Germany, statistics and retrofit ratios for all federal states and regions. Use your mouse to get additional information of each federal state. Click on a chosen federal state to get information on the different regions.

Data origin:

Due to internet consultancy for energy efficiency over many years, co2online owns about one million of different building data, being representative for the whole centrally heated building stock in Germany. The data covers about 10 % of the heated floor area of all buildings in Germany and include information on the building, the heating energy consumption and the retrofit status.

In 50,000 cases the owner or tenant of the buildings have agreed to publishing the data within the heating atlas. This is the basis of the single building presentation in the heating atlas.

Data acquisition:

The data have been collected through the free of cost consultancy tools of the co2online gGmbH, which are supported by the Federal Ministry of the Environment:

  • The 'HeizCheck' (Heating Check) evaluates and assesses the heating energy consumption of a building
  • The 'Modernisierungsratgeber' (Renovation Adviser) calculates additionally the economical efficiency of a renovation.
  • The 'Heizgutachten' (Heating Survey Report) is a free of charge survey report including a technical opinion, provided by engineers on the basis of a received heating cost bill.
These advisory tools can be used by clicking in the navigation on 'Ratgeber' and 'Heizgutachten'.

Data quality:
The characteristic data of federal stats, regions and communities are published if the number of data represents a sufficient significance for the average data. Currently this is not the case for all regions, but the number of data is continously growing.
The Heating Atlas is not a complete list of all German buildings, but a sample based on the consultancy work of co2online. The publication of the statistics and average data shall contribute to bring raise the awareness of the public concerning climate protection and building renovation. Those who know their own consumption, can start with suitable renovation measures and contribute to better energy efficiency. Co2online is aware that the data include inaccuracy and faults. If you have questions or comments to the presented data, get in contact with co2online at:    info@co2online.de

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