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SBE16 Tallinn and Helsinki Conference   The SBE16 Conference will take place on 5-7 October 2016 in Tallinn (Estonia) and Helsinki (Finland), focusing on building green and deep renovation.     The conference themes include the following:   Investing in high performance How to measure green? Nearly zero-energy buildings Deep, integrated renovation Energy aspects in land use planning  
Post date: 12 Feb 2016
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Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe is developing a suite of building energy renovation roadmaps - Energy Performance Protocols - that aim to reduce transaction costs by assembling existing standards and practices into a consistent and transparent process. These tools then enable a marketplace for building owners, project developers, utilities, public programmes and investors to trade in standardised energy efficiency projects.  
Post date: 27 Oct 2015
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On 24 September 2015, the European Commission sent a reasoned opinion to Estonia and Slovenia, requesting them to fully transpose the Energy Efficiency Directive (Directive 2012/27/EU) into national law. These Member States have now two months to comply with their obligations.
Post date: 28 Sep 2015
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Take part in the ongoing call for contributions to unlock the potential of energy efficiency in buildings as a global asset. Open until 2 October 2015. Note that the most recent ICP Europe Technical Forum web meeting took place on Thursday 24th September.  
Post date: 23 Sep 2015
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BUILDEST II builds on the outcomes and plans of the IEE Pillar I project BUILDEST. The main focus is on the implementation of the activities foreseen in the "Action Plan for Training Workforce in the Estonian Construction Sector" (Roadmap) to contribute to the EU 20-20-20 targets via the development of training schemes, efficient training and qualification of workers in the construction sector in Estonia, with a special emphasis on energy efficiency.  
Post date: 11 Sep 2015
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The third issue of the QUALICHeCK Newsletter (August 2015) contains the latest news and activities concerning the QUALICHeCK project.   The newsletter's articles include:  
Post date: 2 Sep 2015
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The QUALICHeCK consortium has produced this document to provide a common understanding of key expressions related to the assessment of the compliance and accessibility of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) input data as well as quality of the works, as determined and used in the context of QUALICHeCK.   The terms and definitions elaborated in this document are the following:  
Post date: 2 Sep 2015
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Under the European Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU, EU countries should set up an energy efficiency obligation scheme. This scheme requires energy companies to achieve yearly energy savings of 1.5% of annual sales to final consumers.In order to reach this target, companies have to carry out measures which help final consumers improve energy efficiency. This may include improving the heating system in consumers' homes, installing double glazed windows, or better insulating roofs to reduce energy consumption.
Post date: 13 Aug 2015
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Although experience has shown that Nearly Zero Energy Buildings can be realised in practice, many challenges lie ahead of driving the market in this direction. A specific challenge concerns the actual compliance of buildings with the applicable regulations, while another one lies in upgrading the quality of the works to meet NZEB standards. 
Post date: 18 Iun 2015
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360optimi tools help you to identify the life-cycle cost (LCC) of your choice while controlling environmental performance through life-cycle assessment (LCA), both in new construction and renovations. LCA can be used to compare designs, strengthen bids and to achieve credits in certification systems. 
Post date: 3 Iun 2015
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