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This book, is a guide to the relationship between building design, urban planning and climate. Aimed at architecture and urban planning professionals and students alike, it offers real-life solutions to climatological site planning and design issues, helping to settle disputes about site orientation, site organisation, and the assembly of building materials.   It is organised into the following three parts:  
Post date: 28 Iun 2017
Type: Publication

Kod arhitekata Vijeća Europe (assesse) i Federalne komore njemačkih arhitekata (bak) organizirati tribini, koja će se održati u četvrtak 22. lipnja 2017. godine (09.00 - 10.30) u Bruxellesu, Belgija, u okviru Tjedna održive energije EC 2017 politika konferencije.  
Post date: 23 Mai 2017
Type: Event

The Energy Efficient Buildings Committee of ECTP is pleased to announce the 6th edition of the EeB PPP Project Review 2017. This yearly publication presents the progress and results of 110 co-funded projects within the EeB PPP under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and 45 co-funded projects under the Horizon 2020 programme for 2014, 2015 and 2016.  
Post date: 10 Mai 2017
Type: Știri

The Digital Construction Week 2017 will take place on 18-19 October 2017 at the Business Design Centre, in London, United Kingdom. The event will bring together architects, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and engineers to share ideas on the current reality of digital innovation and technology as well as the future challenges for the built environment.  
Post date: 3 Mai 2017
Type: Event

The Digital Design in Architecture Conference will take place on 27 June 2017 in Salford, United Kingdom. During the event, experts at the cutting edge of the built environment revolution will provide insights into how the buildings of the future will be created and how digital design is changing the way of work, from first drafts to completed construction.  
Post date: 3 Mai 2017
Type: Event

This publication by the UK Green Building Council details the experiences of participants in its “Wellbeing Labs” initiative, conducted through the WorldGBC’s Better Places for People project.    
Post date: 26 Apr 2017
Type: Publication

IEA-EBC Annex 69: Strategy and Practice of Adaptive Thermal Comfort in Low Energy Buildings   The Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency Energy in Buildings and Communities programme (IEA EBC) approved the “IEA- EBC Annex 69 Strategy and Practice of Adaptive Thermal Comfort in Low Energy Buildings” in 2014. The project will run till 2019.  
Post date: 25 Apr 2017
Type: Legătură

  The ACE Sector Study is a biennial survey that collects and analyses statistical, sociological and economic data on the European architects, the architectural market and the architectural practices.  
Post date: 20 Apr 2017
Type: Publication

Eindhoven University of Technology published, on January edition of REHVA journal, an article on how building design processes can be improved through improving process communication understanding, sharing and collaboration.
Post date: 9 Mar 2017
Type: Note

In April 2016, the UK government launched its mandate requiring collaborative BIM Level 2 to be used on all construction projects procured by central government departments. The mandate is seen as a catalyst for change in the construction industry, but how well are companies embedding BIM Level 2 in projects and what needs to happen to improve implementation that takes BIM to the next level?  
Post date: 7 Mar 2017
Type: Event