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Dear members,The project to prepare the second generation of CEN standards, to support the recast EPBD, started a few months ago on the basis of a new mandate from the European Commission to CEN (M/480).Because of the wide interest in this project we, the community facilitators in consultation with the BUILDUP management team, have decided for the coming years to focus the information exchange in the community “EPBD calculation procedures” on the activities in this project.As a first step we adapted the title and description of the community to the new focus.
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What is the Energy Concept Adviser?
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This Website describes how energy audits and energy certificates are established. It also explain what it is with particular considerations regarding the regional regulations in Belgium.
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The IEE USE Efficiency project intends to create a common stream for energy efficiency systems in university buildings. Universities and students are proposed as shining examples both for energy efficiency solutions and for energy efficiency behaviour. The Project involves 10 EU countries (9 Universities and 4 market players), and has the aim to improve energy efficiency in university buildings and to establish training programs for students.  
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Choices have to be made at the national level. In several countries this is or will be done, at least for the time being, in a practical way, by copying the relevant parts of EN ISO 13790 as national standard, adding further specifications. (See CENSE Information Paper P90 on the practical use of CEN standards which can also be downloaded from the BUILD UP Portal). Question submitted by: Dick van Dijk (TNO, The Netherlands) Anwered by: Dick van Dijk (TNO, The Netherlands) Date: 21/10/2008
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