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It is expected that many countries will between 2015 and 2020 have regulations imposing requirements for new buildings which are near-zero energy targets. This has major consequences:  
Post date: 21 Mai 2010
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Der neue Bundesweite Heizspiegel zeigt: Im vergangenen Jahr haben die Haushalte in Deutschland durchschnittlich 718 Euro für das Heizen ausgegeben. Das entspricht einer Minderung um 14 Prozent gegenüber dem Vorjahr. Der Rückgang der Heizkosten hat mehrere Ursachen: So wirken sich die bereits vorgenommene Modernisierungen und das bewusstere Verhalten der Verbraucher ebenso aus wie die 2009 relativ kostengünstigen Energieträger.
Post date: 20 Mai 2010
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Data origin: Due to internet consultancy for energy efficiency over many years, co2online owns about one million of different building data, being representative for the whole centrally heated building stock in Germany. The data covers about 10 % of the heated floor area of all buildings in Germany and include information on the building, the heating energy consumption and the retrofit status.
Post date: 18 Mai 2010
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Post date: 17 Mai 2010
Type: Event

The European Display Campaign is a voluntary scheme designed by energy experts from European towns and cities. When started in 2003 it was initially aimed at encouraging local authorities to publicly display the energy and environmental performances of their public buildings using the same energy label that is used for household appliances. The Display Poster is available in 26 languages.
Post date: 13 Mai 2010
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"Green, low-carbon and environmental protection are the themes of the World Expo," said Shou Ziqi, director of the commission. "The whole process of Expo designing, construction, operation and after-Expo use are all in line with the concept." Since most Expo pavilions are temporary constructions, many of them have been built using environmental friendly materials that can be recycled after they are dismantled.
Post date: 12 Mai 2010
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On the first day after opening, Commissioner General Dietmar Schmitz already welcomed a host of high-ranking guests to the German Pavilion. In addition to Lady Catherine Ashton, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union, Sichuan’s Party Secretary Liu Qi-Bao, Düsseldorf’s Lord Mayor Dirk Elbers and the economic ministers of both Luxembourg and Russia, Jeannot Krecké and Viktor Hristenko, also toured the German Pavilion.
Post date: 12 Mai 2010
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Energieeffizienzprojekte entlasten die öffentlichen Kassen und schaffen Handlungsspielräume für Kommunen. Möglichkeiten zum Energiesparen gibt es viele, von der Neustrukturierung des öffentlichen Nahverkehrs über die Schulung von Hausmeistern zu Energiemanagern bis zur energetischen Sanierung von Verwaltungsgebäuden. Kommunen können mit ihrem Engagement für Energieeffizienz und Klimaschutz eine wichtige Vorbildfunktion einnehmen, für andere Städte- und Gemeindeverwaltungen genauso wie für Unternehmen und Bürger.
Post date: 7 Mai 2010
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For many of these items it can be said that various at least partly high quality material is available in most of the EU Member States (like software tools for calculating thermal bridges, thermal bridges atlases and promotion of good practice guidance). It would be desirable that the material is used more often by building practitioners and that some countries catch up with the others. Software for calculating thermal bridges should be validated and the validation documentation should be published.
Post date: 6 Mai 2010
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