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Solar Thermal in Major Renovations and Protected Urban Areas (URBANSOLPLUS)    
Post date: 24 Oct 2017
Type: Legătură

  A System for Quality Assurance when Retrofitting existing buildings to Energy efficient buildings     The IEE SQUARE project aimed to assure energy efficient retrofitting of multifamily housing with good indoor environment, in a systematic and controlled way. To achieve this, a quality assurance (QA) system for retrofitting and maintenance has been adopted to conditions in several European countries and implemented in four pilot projects in Austria, Spain, Sweden and Finland.  
Post date: 23 Oct 2017
Type: Legătură

20 oktober 2017 te Groningen, Nederland De woningbouwsector in de EU-lidstaten, die 200 miljoen eenheden vertegenwoordigt en ongeveer 27% van het energieverbruik in de EU vertegenwoordigt, wordt geconfronteerd met een enorme uitdaging om de CO2-uitstoot drastisch te verminderen en in 2050 energie-neutraal te worden.
Post date: 10 Oct 2017
Type: Event

 REMOURBAN and Lighthouse cities at the “100% Climate Neutrality Conference” in Sønderborg   The Climate Conference in Sønderborg (Denmark) is a biannual appointment for representative from municipalities, industry and academia to enter a dialogue about the best solutions to reach their climate goals at city, regional and national levels.  
Post date: 6 Oct 2017
Type: Știri

This report, released by the Institute of Environmental Economics-Efficient Poland Initiative (IEE-EP) focuses on investment needs among owners of single-family buildings (SFBs).   The report summarises a survey research performed in 2017 among owners of single-family Houses, and was inspired by the declaration of Polish Government that it will develop a national programme supporting thermal-modernisation of SFBs. The document provides answers to issues related to the structure of the programme to be developed.   Main findings include:  
Post date: 25 Sep 2017
Type: Publication

Multifunctional facades of reduced thickness for fast and cost-effective retrofitting     MF-Retrofit project aimed to deal with the numerous requirements of facade panel retrofitting by developing a light-weight, durable, cost effective and high performance panel. Its layered structure allows for separate but also synergistic function regarding high thermal and acoustic insulation, excellent mechanical properties, up to standards flame retardancy and photocatalytic activity.  
Post date: 8 Sep 2017
Type: Legătură

This report focuses on the main barriers to deep renovation that municipalities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia have to face. The barriers are divided into six groups which correspond to the categories identified by BPIE as the main topics that should be given serious consideration to facilitate a successful planning and delivery of national renovation strategies and their renovation potential:
Post date: 18 Aug 2017
Type: Publication

The project H-House (Healthier Life with Eco-innovative Components for Housing Constructions), funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, aims to develop a number of new building systems suited to a society where environmental awareness and a high degree of living comfort are both required. The concept of the project is to develop new building components for external and internal walls for new buildings and for renovation.  
Post date: 15 Aug 2017
Type: Legătură

Nova integrirana metodologija i alat za Retrofit dizajna na sljedeću generaciju energetski učinkovite i održive zgrade i područja     NewTREND, Horizont 2020 projekt ima za cilj povećanje energetske učinkovitosti postojećih europskih zgrada i objekata tekuće popravke zbivati razvija novu sveobuhvatnu metodologiju dizajna, usmjerena na modernizaciju sustava za opskrbu energijom u zgradama i stambenih područja, stvaranje energetske učinkovitosti kao ključna komponenta izgradnje.  
Post date: 14 Aug 2017
Type: Legătură

Optimizirano učinkovit Dizajn platforme energiju na popravak na razini okruga     OptEEmAL, projekt financiran od strane unutar Europske Unije Horizont 2020-istraživačkog i inovacijskog programa osmišljen je optimiziran učinkovit Dizajn platforma za energetiku bili u mogućnosti razviti učinkovite aktivnosti za modernizaciju energetike na temelju različitih mjera za uštedu energije, poboljšati ponašanje području. Ovaj alat će vam omogućiti skratiti vrijeme isporuke i nesigurnost i dovesti do boljeg rješenja u usporedbi s uobičajenom praksom.
Post date: 11 Aug 2017
Type: Legătură