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Alexandros Pantazaras

Project Assistant, Group of Building Environmental Studies - NKUA (Academia)

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EU-Cert certified heat pump installer training - Germany

This scheme is now closed.   This course is part of the EUCert programme of the European Heat Pump Association.   Under the umbrella of EUCERT consortium, the German Heat Pump Association (BWP)...

KSO-approved courses on solar power systems– Denmark

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) offers a number of courses for persons who wish a broad introduction to solar power and who may also want to continue their training in order to become a KSO-approved ...

Calculation and dimensioning of solar thermal systems - Denmark

The Danish Technological Institute offers this one-day course on the basics for giving advice on solar thermal installations.   It deals with the assessment of needs and design based on location and the calculation of the...

Cooling training course for ventilation installers - Denmark

This two-day course is offered by the Danish Technological Institute.   The course offers an introduction to the theoretical parts of basic refrigeration technology for single-stage cooling. The emphasis is on the main components...

Training on balancing and measurement of ventilation - Denmark

The Danish Technological Institute  offers this three-day course, which deals with the calibration of the ventilation equipment and the correct way to gather and document measurements, according to standard DS 447. The course is...

Training as energy advisor for building envelope/installations - Denmark

The Danish Technological Institute offers this three-day course, which combines the participant's construction and installation technical knowledge with new solutions on energy efficiency and energy saving for the benefit of the...

Training on the heat standard DS 469 - Denmark

The Danish Technological Institute offers this one-day course, which covers the 2012 revision of the DS 469 heating standard. The revised standard now includes cooling, as well as a number of different new rules that regulate how a...

Training on materials and construction - Denmark

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) offers courses on materials and construction enhancing the trainees’ knowledge on sustainability in the construction process. DTI offers a number of courses on the topic. For the full list of...

EU-Cert certified heat pump installer training - Finland

Finland is part of the European EUCERT heat pump installers certification system.   Training according to EUCERT includes written and practical examination with focus on heat pump technology, but it also has elements of marketing concepts,...

"Green Building Professional" certification and training programme - Romania

The Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) has initiated a certification and training programme to enrich the abilities of professionals working in construction and related industries toward a sustainable built environment. The...