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High-level debate on ground level concerns - EIP Smart Cities / Communities General Assembly

High-level debate on ground level concerns - EIP Smart Cities and Communities General Assembly brings together REMOURBAN and other SCC projects as part of a packed high-level agenda   This year’s General Assembly of the EIP-Smart...

REMOURBAN project maps smart characteristics of over 40 European cities

REMOURBAN maps key smart characteristics of over 40 cities in 18 countries   With a wealth of insight and practical principals being generated by this project, REMOURBAN has worked to characterise and identify the cities which...

Measuring the quality of life in smart cities

From the Internet of Things to the Internet of “meaningful” Things. Nowadays several indicators aim to quantify the smartness of our cities. Next step will be to create a thermometer of citizens’ perception of well-being   From pollution levels...

Citizen Engagement: deputy mayor of Miskolc, Hungary speaks to REMOURBAN

Interview with Mr. Péter Pfliegler, deputy mayor of Miskolc, Hungary    What benefits for urban governance do you see coming as a result of citizen engagement?  Citizen engagement actions strengthen dialogue between inhabitants...

Nottingham City Council turns unused assets into green energy hot spots

The city builds on an award-winning initiative with expansion of public solar carport.   The installation at the Ken Martin Leisure Centre is currently the UK’s largest solar carport, spanning nine separate, specially built roofs. The 355 panels...

REMORUBAN project in Tepebasi: low carbon mobility plans underway

REMOURBAN a catalyst for low carbon mobility in Tepebasi   The very same day REMOURBAN partners were holding a project meeting in Brussels, the real work on the ground to transform our cities and reduce emissions continued.   ...

Ensuring REMOURBAN ¨lighthouse city¨ concepts at first Advisory Council meeting

Anchoring innovative ideas and ensuring real-world application   REMOURBAN held its first working session with the project’s Advisory Council at meeting in Brussels this March to debate integrated planning, regulatory frameworks,...

REMOURBAN project: Turning theory of URBAN TRANSFORMATION into a reality

The urban transformation gets real: REMOURBAN project meeting marks a turning point from theory to action   After stretching the imagination in search of innovation, analysing solutions and lining up the necessary human, technical...

REMOURBAN project: lighthouse city Nottingham working on sustainable energy future

Sneinton district of Nottingham, England, showing the way for a sustainable energy future in Europe   REMOURBAN lighthouse city Nottingham is showing how sustainability can be integrated into the regeneration of our towns and...

Quality of life in EU cities: 40,000 citizens speak out

40,000 citizens in more than 80 EU cities speak about quality of life   A major ‘flash barometer’ survey conducted by the European Union every three years has given an essential insight into our perception of quality of life day-...