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Concept and objectives:   A breakthrough in micro-energy harvesting and storage technologies is required to cover the increasing demand of autonomous wireless sensor nodes (WSN) for the future Internet of Things (IoT), which is...

SIFIS-HOME project

Concept:   As the internet grows, the detection of and reaction to cyber attacks is critical. The EU-funded SIFIS-HOME project aims to provide a secure-by-design and consistent software framework that will improve the security and...

InnoRenew CoE project

Concept:   The underlying concept of the InnoRenew project is to develop and operate a new Centre of Excellence, the InnoRenew CoE, that will conduct cutting edge scientific research related to renewable materials utilisation,...

FAST-SMART project

Concept:   Using ambient energy that would otherwise be lost such as heat, light or sound, energy harvesting is well known for its applications in solar cells. Moreover, the technology has numerous new innovative uses thanks to...

Orchestra project

Concept:   Today, multi-disciplinary teams from all over the world have to collaborate in order to bring a physical product from idea to market. A professional design tool enabling them to work collaboratively in real-time, directly...

Expert talks – Myriam Olivier , PhD in civil engineering, Mission head at ASTUS-construction, France.

This edition of BUILD UP Expert Talks hosts Myriam Olivier, PhD in civil engineering, Mission head at ASTUS-construction, France.   She has worked in the domains of Energy Efficiency and Building Information Management and...

ENSNARE project

Concept and objectives:   ENSNARE’s main objective is to boost the implementation of renovation packages through:   the digitalisation of the entire process by means of a digital platform and the development of an industrialised...

iBECOME project

Concept:   Digitalisation, advanced engineering and sophisticated data analytics techniques can improve building management through innovative business models.   The EU-funded iBECOME project will increase intelligence,...

PLATOON project

Concept:   The digitalisation of the energy sector enables higher levels of operational excellence with the adoption of disrupting technologies.   The EU-funded PLATOON project offers methodology that deploys distributed/edge...

INFINITE project

Concept:   The EU’s building stock is relatively old. Half of all homes in most EU countries were built pre-1970 and before the first thermal regulations.   This is why upgrading the energy efficiency of the building envelope – the...